Vagabond Live Evenings and Artist-In-Residence Programme

An evening at the Vagabond Salon is a stage performance unfolding: rich golden light, exquisite scents, and calibrated sound, against a carefully curated art backdrop.

A modern reinterpretation of Parisian Salons of old, here at The Vagabond Club, Singapore, guests can come together to enjoy the heady experience of theatre, art, food, drink, and convivial conversations. Have a cocktail with our resident artist, or listen to a live jazz quartet – anything can happen at The Vagabond Club.

Art at The Vagabond Club

For a detailed introduction to The Vagabond Club's permanent pieces, current installations, and resident artist, hotel guests can receive a complimentary art tour upon check-in.

Ask at the Rhino for a complimentary art tour when you stay at the hotel.

Artist Residency

What better way to experience art, than to speak with the artists themselves. Rub shoulders with some of the world's best creative minds, only at the Vagabond Club.

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"The Vagabond Club (Official Soundtrack)" a project by Chiara Luzzana

Under The Turban

A cheesemaker, a biker, a farmer, a model, a prince. They’re not all one person, but they all do have one thing in common—they are Sikhs. Originating nearly 500 years ago, Sikhism is now the world’s fifth largest religion, with many of its 25 million members choosing to express their commitment to their faith and culture by wearing a very recognizable piece of clothing—the turban. But who are these people, where do they live, and for what do they stand? Or, put simply, what makes one a Sikh?

When nine-year-old Zara Garcha asks such a question, her family decides to answer it in a most extraordinary manner—by embarking on an international journey to learn about their heritage from modern day Sikhs. From Italy to India to Great Britain, Argentina, Canada, and the United States, Zara and her family traverse the globe and meet some of the most interesting, generous, and compassionate people on Earth. And in so doing, they remind us that, to fully understand our fellow human beings, we must judge not solely by what is on one’s head, but by what is in one’s heart.

Under The Turban won the United Film Festival Award and is one of the 80 free films available to guests of the Vagabond Club.

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Uncanned Art at the Vagabond Club

Uncanned Art is a collective of local artists that make the Vagabond Club their home each Thursday morning. They also host charity events to support AWARE, Singapore's only woman-focused charity.

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