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Julia Calfee


Multi media artist Julia Calfee has spent most of her professional life living and working in Europe and Asia. She majored in art history at the Sorbonne, Paris. Her projects are always long term as she seeks to understand and portray what goes on beneath the apparent reality. Her work has been shown in museums and galleries in France, Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Singapore and the USA.

Her books have been published and distributed internationally, and include Photogeneses, Tetes – Foundation Miro (1995), Mountain Spirits of Mongolia (2002) Spirits and Ghosts: Journeys Through Mongolia (2003) and Inside the Chelsea Hotel (2008). Her most recent book A Glaciers Requiem, which includes a vinyl-record of the sound of melting glaciers, was published in 2016.  

Her current projects, Messages from Another World and The 15th Stone as well as her film Shaman’s Last Journey, reflect her ongoing interest in visualizing the unseen. The light motive in all of her books and projects could be described as “the augmented reality of disappearing worlds”. Whilst in residence at The Vagabond Club, Calfee exhibited her two year project on global warming, "The Last Songs of the Glaciers", consisting of black and white photos and audio recordings of the glaciers as they melt away.




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